Creative and artistic digital

by Cormac Scanlan

I look to explore a range of styles in my photography. Where possible, I try to capture images which reflect my perceptions and thoughts about the subject matter during a shoot. I tend to find bleak, open oceans in long exposure seascapes or the uneasiness you get shooting urban decay in an abandoned building often lend themselves quite naturally to this, but shooting interesting portrait photography can requires a little more creativity.

I love the natural spirit of exploration that goes hand in hand with travel photography and experiencing nature closer to home. Stylistically, I am a big fan of minimalism both in photography and design; simplicity can be very effective. As is usually the case, working to iteratively improve my skills in this department is often half the fun. I am also bit of a geek for retro cameras too; sometimes its nice to shelve the DSLR for a while and break out one of my many film cameras for a while!