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by Cormac Scanlan

Cormac Scanlan writes about his many passions, sharing his experiences in the travel industry, focusing on the artistic side of photography and design, and how to use data-driven approaches to SEO and digital marketing to attain better results.

A Brief Visual History of Travel

Long-form parallax content, covering 2 million years of human exploration, with words from by Will Jones and creative visual design by Cormac Scanlan.

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A Farewell to

Having never been described as a heart-on-the-sleeve, Bridget-Jones-watching, effeminate bridezilla, on last day at, I admit I choked up a bit.

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Actioning Link Removal Requests

Should you always act on a link removal request, and what action should you actually take? An investigation into the process and risks around negative SEO.

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Discussing Your Gap Year Travels at a Job Interview

An employer's perspective on the value of your gap year travel, with practical advice on how to discuss and explain the benefits in an job interview.

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Google Analytics Visits: More Reliable Than Unique Visitors?

Exposing the flaws in the argument that Google Analytics Visits are more reliable than Unique Visitors (UVs), and explaining why things are getting worse.

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Everything You Need to Know About Driving on a Gap Year

In 2014 I was interviewed by the car-sharing network Liftshare, about gap year road-trips and the effects of the sharing economy on backpacking and youth travel.

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The Art of Travel Photography

Travel and photography go together like France and culture or Britain and sporting failure. But how can you get the best out of your backpacking snaps?

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Pinterest for Photographers

A male photographer with no interest in cupcakes or fabric shares the value of Pinterest as a tool to inspire great photography.

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The Two Sides of the Algarve

We are long overdue in exposing the ignorant and intolerant attitudes that divide tourism in Portugal's beautiful and historic Algarve region.

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On Redesigning and Rebranding a Travel Website got a major redesign and rebrand in April 2014. Here I talk the website's users through the process of redesigning, and of course, the reasons.

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An Interview with COO Cormac Scanlan

US travel blog I Should Log off interviewed me in 2014, covering life in the travel industry, the growth of backpacking, and benefits of a gap year.

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Photo Editing for Beginners: A Guide for Travellers

A beginners guide on how to start using image editing software to correct and improve your travel photos, regardless of your budget.

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