Compositions and recordings of
music tracks

by Cormac Scanlan

Music and Sound Recordings by Cormac Scanlan

I love experimenting with sound and audio and have done a lot of recording and MIDI sequencing over the years. My weapon of choice is usually the guitar, though I tinker with everything from the ukulele to the Stylophone when it takes my fancy. I've found myself looking for inspiration in a lot of the older music that inspires me of late, such as the rock blues jams of the 1960s and the recordings of progressive and psychedelic rock movements of the 1970s, an influence that will likely be apparent to fans of those genres. The tracks here are all relatively recent recordings.

A Day To Remember

Genre: Progressive Funk  |  Length: 7:05  |  Influences: The Alan Parsons Project, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead


Genre: Blues  |  Length: 4:07  |  Influences: Wes Montgomery, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Dark Matter Halo

Genre: Psychedelic / Progressive Rock  |  Length: 12:18  |  Influences: Pink Floyd, Camel, Anathema

Pastures Gone - Parts I and II

Genre: Ambient / Jazz  |  Length: 4:40  |  Influences: Jim Hall, Bill Frisell, George Benson

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