SEO and Digital Marketing Articles

by Cormac Scanlan

Cormac Scanlan explores the best approaches to all aspects of inbound marketing, from search engine optimisation, to content strategy, to effective implementation and reporting measures.

A More Robust Process for Dealing with Link Removal Requests

Should you always act on a link removal request, and what action should you actually take? An investigation into the process and risks around negative SEO.

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Google Analytics Visits: More Reliable Than Unique Visitors?

Exposing the flaws in the argument that Google Analytics Visits are more reliable than Unique Visitors (UVs), and explaining why things are getting worse.

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On Redesigning and Rebranding a Travel Website got a major redesign and rebrand in April 2014. Here I talk the website's users through the process of redesigning, and of course, the reasons.

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