Balancing the best practices of
art and science

Cormac Scanlan

I am Cormac Scanlan, a UK based designer, photographer and cinematographer with a love for all things creative, and a passion for honing my art. As a web and I print designer, I aim to use elegant and minimal designs wherever possible, to allow great content speak for itself.

I believe in putting the experience of the user first and in balancing artistic creativity with scientific methodology, to achieve the best possible results.

In my professional design career I have designed and managed a number of large scale sites and systems and worked with a variety of of print mediums. My photography and video work has been featured in a range of national international exhibitions.

Foremost, I take pleasure in being a geek about what I do...

Photography Portfolio

Cormac's photographic works span a wide range of fields. Where possible, his aim is to capture both the essence of his subject matter and his thoughts on it, be that a person, place, urban structure or other object.

Photo Essays Blog

Often unplanned and unstructured, Cormac's psychographical wanders take him to a wide range of locations. This blog documents moments from those photographic explorations.