Friday, 10th February, 2012

A Freston Walk in May

by Cormac Scanlan

Fields, Flowers and Bulls in Freston, Ipswich

During some delving through the archives I came across these shots I took whilst walking in Freston Woods near Ipswich on a lovely sunny day in May 2011.

The patterns of the crops made for interesting texture studies and the flowers were in full bloom which gave lots of option for playing with macro and bokeh. The woods are nicely sheltered, but with quite a broken canopy which creates some lovely mottled lighting effects.

The first time I did this walk I stopped and sat on a broken tree trunk overlooking some nice fields, nonchalantly eating sandwiches, completely oblivious to the fact that there was a bull in the field. This time I moved through that field pretty quickly and didn't wait around to see if he was still there.

Looking through these old shots makes me long for the very photogenic light you get spring and summer. I'm looking forward to going out and taking some nice shots out this way again this year. Only another few months...

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